Nullification in the Bashkir proverbs

Doklady Bashkirskogo Universiteta. 2018. Volume 3. No. 5. pp. 571-576.


Ganeev B. T.*
Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M. Akmulla
3a Oktyabrskoi Revolutsii Street, 450008 Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia


The article treats the manifestations of nullification, i.e. language units which express the absence (nothingness, non-being, emptiness, negation) of material and ideal objects. Nullification may be different according to the degree of the presence of nothingness: complete and partial nullification, self-nullification, outer nullification (lack, loss, wound, death, annihilation of the form, forgetting). As the material of the research were taken Bashkir proverbs the percentage of nullification in which constituted 21%. They are analyzed in the semantic, lexical and grammatical aspects. The conclusion is made that it is the grammatical nullification that prevails, first of all in the form of negation.


  • nullification
  • proverb
  • Bashkir
  • nothingness
  • negation