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The following works in the Russian or English languages can be submitted for publishing: previously unpublished materials in the form of reports and articles from scientific and teaching staff, doctoral students, applicants, graduate students, undergraduates (the latter – In collaboration with the supervisor) of the university and other organizations in the field of philological sciences.


All articles are subject to mandatory review and verification through the “Antiplagiat” system. The results of the review and the decision of the editorial board to accept the submitted article for publication in the journal are communicated to the authors by email.


Please, use the link to submit an article. The articles sent by email are not considered.

It is highly recommended to read guidelines for authors before submitting an article.

The following fields must be filled in the application form:

1. Title of the article.

2. Section

3. The recommending department and the specialist who signed the recommendation (indicating the academic degree, academic title, position and place of work in full, without abbreviations).

4. Full name of corresponding author.

5. Valid email address.

6. Contact phone number (not published, used for communication).

7. In the “comment” field, write a cover letter in free form indicating the title of the article, place of work (study), recommending department and other information that you want to communicate to the editors.

Upload the following files:

8. Article file (Ivanov_Physics.docx).

9. File with information about the authors of the article (Ivanov_info.docx).

10. Scan of recommendation in PDF format (Ivanov_letter.pdf).

In response, you will receive a letter with a confirmation of successful uploading and a registration number for the article.


Dear authors! Please note that the form is used only for the initial submission of the article. Any other additional materials and questions should be sent to the editors by email ( indicating the registration number of the article in the subject line.


Articles that do not meet the stated requirements are not considered.


Article template - download

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